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Founder and  C.E.O.


Roger F. Martinez is the founder and C.E.O. of Global Investigative Solutions Inc. in Miami, FL. G.I.S. Inc. is a full-service private investigation firm helping law firms, third party administrators, insurance companies, self-insured and the general public to combat insurance fraud. We specialize in surveillance, investigation and information gathering.

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Before devoting his work full time to Global Investigative Solutions Inc. Roger served as an office manager/field supervisor for Crawford and Company whose clients included industry companies like Geico, Travelers, and Progressive Insurance.


Roger has conducted insurance-related investigations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. He has served as investigator trainer for 4 different companies and expert witness for several high profile investigative cases.


Right after graduating high school, Roger became the youngest Bail Enforcement Officer in Miami, FL. At the age of 19 years old, Roger was conducting skip tracing, surveillance, and fugitive retrievals. Shortly after, he became a member the most prestigious branch of the Armmed Forces, the United States Marine Corps. As a Sergeant squad leader in the Marine Corps. Roger was in charge of a 12-man team who conducted secret amphibious missions during the Bosnian War which lasted between 1992 - 1996.  

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