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Global Investigative Solutions

Testimonial page

Global Investigative Solutions Inc. has the best customers in the world. Although we specialize in surveillance/reconnaissance and information gathering, customer satisfaction is our #1 passion. Below are just a few comments from our trusted customers. Thank you all for the kind words.

Guy Lovalente.jpg

Gaetano (Guy) Lovalente from Nation Wide Insurance                                                                       Nov. 5, 2014 

Tell Roger he did a great Job! Thank you. 

Yenis pic.JPG

Yenis Martinez from Global Medical Billing                                                                                             July 18, 2016

Hired Global Investigation Solutions to do some depositions on a criminal case and they were spot on professional! Interviewed Spanish speaking witnesses and were able to perfectly translate their testimonies in English and the transcripts were very professional.

Richard Smith.JPG

Richard Smith from Ascendant Commercial Insurance                                                                      Oct. 11, 2017  

Good Job! Keep up the good work. 


Rhonda                                                                                                                                                             Sept. 2, 2018

Very Thorough, fair priced and got the job done! Would highly recommend. 

Javier Vila from Miami Transformers                                                                                                        Mar. 4, 2019


Global Investigative owners and staff are extremely courteous, professional and effective!! From the moment I called and spoke to the owner, they were on the case. I received detailed photos, timelines, pictures and videos of the individual we were almost positive was looking to defraud our company. This has become an open/shut case for us and it’s all thanks to Global Investigative Solutions staff and owners. Great job guys and if I have any other issues in the future you will get the call. Thanks again, Javier


Jeff Allen from Stumar Investigations                                                                                                       Nov. 5, 2019

Hey Roger, I wanted to circle back around with you on the Ft. Lauderdale mediation report. I know it took more time than usual to complete it the right way and the way that you would be proud of submitting the report....I have to say, your report is fantastic. Great job being so meticulous...great job

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